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Dr Nigel MacLennan

When it comes to psychotherapy Dr Nigel MacLennan specialises in rapid results psychotherapy for leaders and executives. Most clients have only one or two sessions  via Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.

Nigel MacLennan has written many books in the field of human performance including “Counselling for Managers,” “The Perfect Gift” (on  happiness), “The Perfect Coach,” “Coaching and Mentoring,” (the mindset for securing the best performance from yourself and others), “Self-responsibility Therapy,” and “i Shrink,” and other original works in the field of performance coaching, the research for which led to the award of Nigel’s Doctorate from Middlesex University.

Dr MacLennan has developed many new, and improved executive  psychotherapy techniques to help leaders and professionals solve their problems and improve their lives.

Nigel was previously Visiting Professor at the International University of Monaco, and Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University, and The University of Bolton.

Nigel’s therapy specialism is leadership and executive psychotherapy.

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