Appointments And Fees

Appointments And Fees

Psychotherapy Sessions for Leaders and Executives

Each psychotherapy session lasts from 2 to 3 hours. For most problems, one session is sufficient. For some problems 2 sessions are required. Very rarely are three sessions needed. Please note, for complex problems, which have been untreated for prolonged periods more sessions may be necessary.

Why, you may ask, are sessions so long? In my experience, high functioning leaders can make massive improvements in just one session. Further, a major unpleasant risk of psychotherapy is the emergence of dependence. By having one long, effective session, the leader solves their problem, with much reduced risk of dependence. Further still, leaders are very busy people, and addressing their problems in just one intense session saves a huge amount of time and money.

Appointments and Fees


For information on fees and availability please callĀ  Telephone Number

You will appreciate that time is best used serving clients. When you call, please expect to leave a message on voicemail.


Please note: all psychotherapy sessions are by appointment only.